Celebrate the new season with a Tarot reading of your choice! Celebrate the new season with a Tarot reading of your choice! Celebrate the new season with a Tarot reading of your choice!

Celebrate the new season with a Tarot reading of your choice!

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Introducing... Aries

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Aries Zodiac Sign Symbolism

As you can see, our Aries character really evolved through the creation process. At first, we focused on the outgoing and confident nature of Aries, but we knew we needed to better capture the fighting spirit that really embodies the Aries personality. Our final sketch really nailed it for us.

Never afraid to back down from a fight, our fiery Aries ram is ready to roll. He's not mean or spiteful; he simply seeks to raise the game a bit by challenging people to a mental game of wits. He's head strong and smart. Sure, he's been in a few fights and has a few scars to show for it, but it's made him even more powerful. That's what Aries strength is -- they want to be challenged. They want people to go head-to-head with them because they know it will ultimately make them even more powerful in the end. After all, knowledge is power. Aries exudes direction and focus on what he feels is right for him or her at that moment. He's smart, bold and often uninitiated by even the largest of opponents.

Physical Characteristics

Our Aries Ram is fit, lean and has a nice tuft of Aries hair on the top of his head. Have you noticed that many Aries' often have slightly wild or disheveled hair styles? That's their thing! It's true. You will notice it now the next time you meet an Aries! We really wanted our Aries to have that playful fighter stance. He's got a smirk on his face, and he is ready to laugh at any moment. His eyes are important too. People focus a lot on the fiery aggressive nature of Aries, but they are not completely without compassion. His eyes (when color rendered) will show a nurturing sparkle and passion that other signs envy. We also gave him a scar near his eye, suggesting his ability to overcome adversity, heal and never be down for the count. He's relentless. We dressed him in somewhat offensive football-esque pants and shoulder pads. He's the agile, smart, tight-end who will take that ball and run it in for the touch down.

Zodiac Super Power

As the first sign and fearless warrior of the Zodiac, we choose to power-charge Aries' oozing confidence with a fiery flame at the top of his head between his horns. He can summon and use his fire power to give his head-butting personality that kick of spice needed to turn the tides in his/her favor. As he gets more and more excited his flame glows bigger and brighter. There is not doubt that our Aries combines confidence with a positive outlook to make him one of the most fearless signs of the Zodiac. 

Tell us what you think!

What personalization elements would you like to see to this Aries?  Would youl like to change his horn style, facial expression, clothing? COMMENT BELOW

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