Introducing... Cancer

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Introducing... Cancer

Cancers are not always the easiest sign to portray. As you can see, our Cancer character has really evolved through the creation process!

You can see the new Cancer zodiac character for 2015 here, and take a look at our old designs below to see how this sentimental zodiac character has evolved.

Meet our 2015 Cancer character and see all the new designs here »

We knew we wanted to break the stereotype associated with crabs as being… well… "crabby." So we tried to emphasis other aspects of our Moon ruled Cancer that are more important and prominent.



When we worked with our illustrator we really focused on the stance of our Crab. Often you see Crabs portrayed in a very concentric and "claws first" mode. We felt an aggressive focus on the pinchers was not appropriate. Cancers aren't out to start a fight or pinch someone. In fact, Cancers are quite sweet and welcoming. They really only take on their snippy cancer side if something rubs them the wrong way or the Moon's emotional tides sneak up on them. So we settled on a more disarmed, approachable and comfortable stance.

We choose to make our Cancer a female. Cancers are very nurturing and have a strong affinity for their environment. It is important to them that they make people feel "at home" at all times. So, we gave her eyelashes and decorative arm dressings to show her attention to making things feel personalized and adorned. We also included barnacles on her shell to show that she is very loyal to her home. After all, Crabs carry their homes with them!

We included the Cancer Glyph large and prominent on her underside - showing her pride for her sign and her home. This is because cancers are often the hometown heros -- supporting local business, teams and planting their roots in a community for life. They fly the colors and flags proudly to show their support and create a sense of family and home for everyone around them. While they may not be the most adventurous sign, they seek to be the consistent rock and touchstone for anyone one who enters their lives.

Physical Characteristics

Physically, our Cancer has very soft eyes. To us this demonstrates, again, she isn't confrontational or mean, but more mellow and sensitive. We chose to make her a blue crab (vs. red). As a water sign, Cancers are associated with a more aqueous color palette. Red is not a color one would associate with Cancers and seems to suggest a more prominent aggressive personality which is not a primary attribute of our Cancer friends. We also gave her barnacles to suggest that she is very rooted in her home and cares about each and every thing that has been with her on her journey -- a sentimental Crab of sorts!

Zodiac Super Power

Cancer's super power is her ability to channel the Moon's emotional powers and use them to control the people and things around her. Our crab has a beautiful Moon-encrusted gem on her chest. It is alive and glows to reflects the current phase of the Moon. When the Moon is full, our crab's gem shines brightly and can blind any dominate personality of the Zodiac. Throughout the lunar cycle our Cancer hero can cast spells of emotion on people disarming their aggressive nature by weakening egos and leveling the emotional playing field .

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