BANG! Watch the Full Moon Fireworks

Power and freedom ring with July's Full Moon in Capricorn

Astrology: Full Moon Fireworks

Get ready for some explosive cosmic action this Fourth of July! No, we're not talking about Independence Day fireworks, we're talking about the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 , and some electrifying aspects it makes to Pluto and Uranus on July 3-4.

Typically, the Full Moon in hardworking Capricorn is more about discipline and self-restraint. But this time around controlling Pluto and revolutionary Uranus are forming stressful angles to the Sun and the Full Moon that will change the energy radically.

Instead of feeling calm, cool and restrained, we'll feel a power burst of energy that calls for action. We'll have bold ideas we'll want to act on immediately, we'll rebel against authority, we'll crave new experiences, and we can expect surprises to pop up faster than firecrackers.

These harsh aspects may result in some verbal fireworks among friends and family gathered to celebrate the Independence Day holiday, but there is some good cosmic news, too. Mars recently moved into Libra, a peaceful transit that should counteract the urge to fight. And there's a Venus-Uranus sextile on July 4 that should also help balance things out with more cooperative, peaceful energy.

Altogether, your Fourth of July holiday may include some last-minute changes of plans, so try to adjust your expectations, keep an open mind and roll with the punches. After all, it's time to let freedom ring!

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