Full Moon in Pisces

Find compassion with the August Full Moon

The Full Moon in Pisces

Get ready for a very special Full Moon! Not only is the Full Moon in Pisces on August 31 about compassion and spirituality, but it's also a Blue Moon -- which only happens every, well, once in a Blue Moon.

This Full Blue Moon in Pisces is special because of its ability to melt boundaries between people. It's all about compassion and feeling empathy for others, and it's a time when we are connected with many unseen spiritual forces.

Now is a time to forgive people, let go of worry and grudges, step back from the pressures of your daily routine and tap into something larger than you. Imagination will be heightened now, so use it to find your own sense of peace.

It's important to note this Full Moon in Pisces is also forming an opposition aspect to the Virgo Sun, which could add a critical element to the Full Moon's energy.

Virgo is very precise and detail oriented, where Pisces is more dreamy and abstract. Therefore, this opposition could pit compassion against criticism, free-flowing thoughts against particular details, and going with the flow vs. over-analyzing everything.

That could create some friction, but if you can remember to just go with the flow around this Full Moon, there will be no limits when it comes to putting your feelings and faith into action.

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