Introducing... Leo

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Introducing ... Leo

Leo might seem like an "easy" character to develop, but as you can see, our Leo character has really evolved through the creation process!

You can see the new Leo zodiac character for 2015 here, and take a look at our old designs below to see how this fiery zodiac character has evolved.

Meet our 2015 Leo character and see all the new designs here »

The lion is used so often in literature and film to portray leaders and motivational characters. Think Aslan from "The Chronicles of Narnia" or Mufasa from "The Lion King." Both of those lions possessed many of the typical characteristics of a Leo. But ours is just a bit more accurate!



True Leos know how to light up a room. They have a magnetism and confidence that is so attractive and persuasive most Leos can be easily picked out of a crowd. We went back and forth as to whether our Lion should be standing on all fours or up on two feet. Obviously, all fours is a traditional posture for a lion. However, we really wanted to bridge the human gap and convey more of Leo's leadership quality.

Our Leo is looking to the horizon. His fiery, glowing mane lights the way and inspires people to follow him into any battle or any situation. His powerful walking stick shows that he takes a stance and will lead and organize as an impromptu leader if needed. We want our Leo to stand out beyond that of the stereotyped "King of the Jungle." Our Leo is distinctive, and people don't follow a Leo because he's royal -- they follow him because he carries a sense of confidence and assurance no other sign of the Zodiac possesses.

Physical Characteristics

For our Lion, we chose to make him almost white in color. His mane is flowing fire, representing homage to his Fire sign, but also to the beacon of light he offers his followers. He's breathtaking and inspiring, and despite his obvious ability to crush or attack any prey, he leads with his confidence and not with physical or violent intimidation. His posture is tall and confident (again, we weren't sure we could get that across when he was on all fours). And his facial expression is approachable, content and confident.

Zodiac Super Power

Leo's super power is his fiery mane. He is able to lead and inspire anyone as he lights the way for those around him. His staff is topped with a powerful gem that gives him courage and insight to instill confidence amid chaos. Without a doubt it is his confidence that makes him the most courageous sign of the Zodiac. 

Tell us what you think!

What personalization elements would you like to see on our Leo Lion? Does this lion stance work for you? Facial expression? Clothing? COMMENT BELOW

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