Introducing... Libra

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Introducing... Libra

We have several Libras in this company, and as you can see, our Libra character has really evolved through the creation process! One of the biggest complaints we hear from them is they hate that their sign is always a boring old scale!

You can see the new Libra zodiac character for 2015 here, and take a look at our old designs below to see how this graceful zodiac character has evolved.

Meet our 2015 Libra character and see all the new designs here »

"Everyone else gets cute animals or mystical female characters!" Well, we listened!



We couldn't have a true "family of characters" if one of our members was an inanimate object -- not to mention Libras are anything but soulless! In fact, Libras are one of the most attentive and present of the Zodiac signs. We started by exploring the idea of an almost agnostic or benign character contemplating two sides of things. But we quickly saw that without a face or form, it looked too ghostly. So we moved toward a slightly more human form. But not entirely human…

We want to focus less on gender and human form, so we translated our boring old scale into a living being! With four arms our Libra can carefully weigh both sides of an issue, and with her other two hands at the ready she is prepared to make judgment and resolve in balance in the universe. She seeks to be open minded and just. She feels her role is to help facilitate balance in the universe. We added the two sides of a complete Yin Yang to either side of her scale, showing her ability to weight both the Yin and Yang influences of any situation.

Physical Characteristics

Our Libra holds her arms out and her shoulders in a confident yet relaxed stance, suggesting she is not intimidated by her environment. Her eyes were a big point of discussion. For Libra we felt that so much of her being is based on her ability to listen and discern and re-architect ideas, feelings and topics. When her eyes were open, she was feeding another sensory and it seemed distracting and not consistent with our Libra friends. So we closed them, allowing her to focus entirely on her sense of hearing and the weight of her scales in her arms.

We removed her hair, again to remove distractions of touch, or anything that would obstruct her hearing. As an Air sign, we felt she needed to float just above the surface of the ground, giving lightness to her own weight and moving the focus of the weight again, to her scales.

Zodiac Super Power

Her super power is her ability to rise above the heavy burden of the ground and process issues both those of her own and of others in a completely agnostic way. Her scales magically separate ideals from Yin to Yang. And when she finds balance her eyes open, her spirit awakens and her gavel drops.

Tell us what you think!

What personalization elements would you like to see on our Libra? Would you like to see different format? Facial expression? Clothing? COMMENT BELOW

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