New Moon in Leo

Dream big at the August New Moon

The New Moon in Leo

With every New Moon comes a new beginning, and this one's a good one! The New Moon in Leo on Aug. 17 will give us a great big creative boost, as well as the patience and persistence we need to put all our great ideas into motion.

That's not only because the New Moon is taking place in an optimistic Fire sign, but also because action planet Mars and authoritative Saturn are making a favorable aspect to the Sun-Moon conjunction that will give us the dedication and drive to follow through on whatever it is we dream up.

This is different from your typical Leo Moon, in which you might still have great ideas, but lack the maturity to work hard enough to see them turn into results.

That makes this New Moon in Leo a special event, with the power to bring out the best of your creative energy, courage and love -- and the will to make it last.

Go get 'em, Tiger! Er, sorry, we mean Lion.

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