New Moon in Virgo

September's New Moon is practical and smart!

The New Moon in Virgo

Get ready to buckle down and work smarter around the New Moon in Virgo on September 15, 2012. Every New Moon is a new beginning, and this one is going to give us the focus and competence to start something that will thrive in time.

This New Moon in Virgo is very pure, making only one aspect -- a conjunction with its ruling planet, Mercury. That means the Virgo energy will be very strong, and it's a great time to do "Virgo things," such as focusing on practical purposes like organizing your receipts and cleaning out the refrigerator.

Sounds kind of boring, right? But this New Moon is very smart. It serves the purpose of getting us ready for something bigger. Remember, September is a month of profound change, so we can get ahead of the game by taking care of business before the cosmic activity picks up and things get crazy during the second half of the month.

So go ahead: Make your obsessively detailed to-do lists, balance your wonky checkbook and clean up your act! There is no better time to change your ways for the better, because whatever you start now has the Virgo New Moon's strength to take you far.

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