Introducing... Pisces

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Introducing... Pisces

Often described as "dreamy" or "dreamers" we knew our lovely fishes had to embody the elegance of a dream state coupled with the reality of human form. As you can see, our Pisces character has really evolved through the creation process!

You can see the new Pisces zodiac character for 2015 here, and take a look at our old designs below to see how this dreamy zodiac character has evolved.

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We toyed with the idea of having our fish morph or swirl around a human form. We really wanted to find a way to make our fish more relate able and human. But we knew that adding a human form just wasn't authentic or accurate. Pisces truly are portrayed as the two fish… one representing the dream state, the other reality. You often see the two fish as swimming in a circular concentric motion, almost identical and somewhat in an endless cycle. We felt this didn't really reflect the true nature of a Pisces.

Our fish are intimately tied to one another. They swim together as a unit but not in an endless circle. We decided to base one fish in a frozen statuesque pose. This fish represents the fixed boundaries and physical limitations of reality. We call him our "Reality Fish". Our second fish is our "Dream Fish".  He is more of a ghost-like fish -- swirling and enveloping our rigid Reality Fish. The Dream Fish gives comfort, escape and hope to Reality Fish fueling his optimism as he navigates life's harsh realities. 

Our Reality Fish is a frozen ice sculpture. He is not sad or oppressed but he is precariously perched on a base of water and is fragile. He loves his escapism Dreamy Fish and relies on him to feel whole and stay optimistic. It's the ability to truly get into another character, or into someone else's shoes that make him the empathetic and caring person we know to be our Pisces.

Physical Characteristics

It is often said that you can tell a Pisces by looking at their eyes alone. Try it yourself! Look at a Pisces you know and study his/her eyes. Often they have a unique or distinct shape, color or glossy sparkle. It's sometimes just something intangible about their eyes, but you can often see deep into them as if you can see into their dreamy escape. We knew we had to somehow render a connection with the eyes of the fish. THIS WAS HARD!

Fish eyes are not known to be expressive. So we decided to exaggerate this feature by making each fish have their own distinct eyes treatment. By having the two eyes we could better offset the Dream Fish's unique eye. The Reality Fish's eye is more flat -- less sparkle, less flair, practical and somewhat frozen while the Dream Fish's eye is alive, wide open and sparkling with imagination.

Zodiac Super Power

Our Dreamy Fish has the power of transformation and shape shifting. With extreme imagination our Dreamy Fish swirls around his reality counterpart. As our Dreamy Fish swirls faster and faster around our Reality Fish he transforms the Reality Fish into any form he wants-- a human, a plant, an object. While the transformation is only temporary this ability to change forms is what gives our Pisces the intelligence it needs to foster ideas and solutions for others despite the pressures and heavy burden of reality. Pisces imagination is a bottomless well of hope which keeps it the most optimistic sign of the Zodiac. 

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