Introducing... Scorpio

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Introducing... Scorpio

Don't be afraid ... this Scorpio is a softie! As you can see, our Scorpio character has really evolved through the creation process!

You can see the new Scorpio zodiac character for 2015 here, and take a look at our old designs below to see how this mysterious zodiac character has evolved.

Meet our 2015 Scorpio character and see all the new designs here »

It's not easy to think of Scorpios and think sweet and loving, but it's not entirely a stretch. If you know any Scorpios you can see they have just as big a heart as the next sign!



When you think of Scorpios you often think of them as biting or stinging. And it's true, Scorpios do have that ability and tendency. But it's not in an offensive manner. When we approached this rendering I told the artists to think of Edward Scissorhand. Remember him? He was plagued with these unwieldy hands and wanted so much to give and receive love, but he struggled with this heavy burden on the one area of his body that he needed to make true connections. This is true for Scorpios.

Their deadly tails loom over their seemingly dwarfed body. They wield this tremendous power, yet they lack the grace, agility and eloquence to use it appropriately in all instances. They want to be loved as much, if not more. than others. They take love, life and friendships very seriously. So we wanted to show a Scorpio who was lovable and gentle, but also burdened with a heavy mechanical tail.

We turned his stinger into a heavy, compartmentalized tail with little room for swift or graceful control. We coupled that with a soft and simple face and pinchers that stretch out and open as if looking for love or a simple hand shake. He's not on the offensive. He's on a quest to find people who will accept him, love him and stick by his side. In exchange he will provide protection, loyalty and sincerity.

But if you've ever been with a Scorpio who feels betrayed, you best watch out. Their big metal tail will be quick to strike! Another interesting node we added is the back side of his metal plates forming the shape of Eagle's wings. In many Astrological references, the Scorpio is known to transform into the Eagle. Scorpios seek to shed their heavy burden and one day soar through the air free of their uncontrollable emotions and grudges.

Physical Characteristics

We chose to make our Scorpio half animal/half machine. The natural sectioning you'd seen in a real life Scorpio is reflected here, showing the extreme black and white way a Scorpio thinks. It's often right or wrong, left or right, this or that with Scorpios, so we wanted to be sure his coloring and very detailed functional skeleton showcased that feature. His eyes, however, will tell a much softer sorry. A story of longing and desire. Our Scorpio just wants love and doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Zodiac Super Power

His super power is obviously his ability to protect and defend those he loves and treasures. His ability to inflict pain with a single strike of his tale is what gives him the instant respect and title of protector. While he does not seek to take the first strike, he will not hesitate to quickly disarm even the most powerful of the Zodiac if he feels he or someone he loves is threatened. 

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