Spring Breakdown: Mercury Retrograde in Aries and Pisces

Think of it as "Mercury Gone Wild" just in time for spring break

Spring Breakdown: Mercury Retrograde in Aries and Pisces

Our plans to spring into action this March might hit a few hurdles as mischievous Mercury goes retrograde from March 12 to April 4.

In fact, we may very well be heading toward a spring breakdown in terms of miscommunication, tech troubles and problems with our spring break travel plans. But don't panic. We can still find a few cheeseburgers in paradise.

Mercury goes retrograde in the fiery zodiac sign of Aries on March 12, where it will stay until it backs up even further into spiritual and emotional Pisces on March 23. Mercury will finish its retrograde in Pisces when it finally turns direct on April 4.

Mercury in Aries is all about fast talk and impulsive action, so we can expect Mercury Retrograde in Aries to have a serious impact on our communications with others. Be very careful about the things you say during this time to avoid arguments or making rash decisions you will later regret.

Mercury in Pisces, on the other hand, is all about dreaming and thinking deep thoughts, which is right in line with the typical Mercury Retrograde messaging, so the second half of this Mercury Retrograde period should be smoother than the first.

We should also mention that loving Venus will be in pleasure-seeking Taurus during most of this Mercury Retrograde, which should soften the blow as we'll be happy to slow down and cuddle up with a lover, a book or maybe one or three of those aforementioned cheeseburgers.

Still -- just think about what Mercury Retrograde means for all the upcoming occasions marking the beginning of spring! This is the time of year we celebrate Spring Equinox and begin sprucing up our homes and gardens. This is the time we hop in the car for weekend road trips, or hop on a plane to Cancun for a long spring break beach vacation.

And don't forget about April Fool's Day! With Mercury moving retrograde on April 1, we're sure some pranks gone wrong will make super fools out of us all.

The good news is, it's easy to prepare for Mercury Retrograde. Start by reading your Spring 2012 Mercury Retrograde Horoscope for personal advice. Then, be extra careful with the things you say, both verbally and in e-mail or written communications.

Try not to start new projects -- and that includes your spring gardening. If you insist on sprucing up your outdoor space now, some simple patio furniture rearranging should tide you over. Or, continue a gardening project you started a while back but never finished. But save new landscaping projects or garden planting until after April 4.

Double-check your technology and equipment -- for example, back up your computer hard drive and check the tires on your car before hitting the road. And finally, before you hop that plane to paradise for spring break, make sure you double-check your plane and hotel reservations and toss a snack in your pack in case you're delayed at the airport.

Mercury Retrograde can be a positive, helpful time of reflection, so give yourself a break -- not a breakdown.