New Moon in Gemini: Take Two

It's the second New Moon in Gemini in a month!

The New Moon in Gemini

This is highly unusual -- there have been two New Moons in Gemini in the past month alone! That's enough to make your brain spin out of control for sure, but this one's a bit different from the last.

This New Moon in Gemini on June 19, 2012, is forming a square to Mars in Virgo that urges us to focus more on details and eliminate things that are unnecessary in order to avoid information overload.

Just like last month's Gemini New Moon, this one is still about chattering up a storm, gathering information and coming up with zillions of new ideas. But we'll want to try harder to stay focused this time so we don't spin out of control.

Practice working efficiently, and don't do anything you don't NEED to do right now. Basically, just use your time wisely. It's impossible to act on every idea, so reign in your enthusiasm a bit to achieve the most success.

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