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Authentic Online I Ching Coin Toss

How provides the only authentic online I Ching experience

Tarotcom Staff
Authentic Online I Ching Coin Toss

What makes our I Ching readings so energizing? We offer the only authentic online I Ching method for tossing the coins. Instead of having the computer generate the coin toss, we make sure that YOU toss the coins yourself -- with a little help from Shockwave and Javascript to measure the exact timing of your mouse clicks. This creates a connection between the reader and the coins that in turn creates synchronicity.

Synchronicity is what stimulates your intuition, so unlike random number generators that other programs use, the I Ching method creates an authentic experience. The computer just helps recreate an exact mathematical rendition of the ancient methods without ever getting in the way of the experience. Go ahead and toss the coins to see for yourself!

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