Chinese Zodiac Sign: The Tiger (money)

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Money for the Tiger

by Marie Diamond

When Tigers are enthusiastic about a project, they will make it succeed ... and attract supporters. They will find investors for whatever they promote. Let them rule the game and money will come. They are not always the greatest students, but their intensity makes them great managers and directors. Their charisma will also attract many fans when they are artists or performers.

A Tiger's money is easily spent on the latest fashions. If you want to know what is hot today, you better call a Tiger! They will spend money in the most elegant boutiques or at the flea market as long as it is trendy to do so. But in the marketplace as elsewhere, Tigers want to be treated fairly. They will pay only what in their minds is the right price. Read your 2016 Year of the Monkey Horoscope now »

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