Full Moon in Libra: Do No Harm

The thin line astrologers walk and how you can avoid feeling stressed

Full Moon in Libra: Do No Harm

Astrologers with an ability to share their knowledge in a public way have a major responsibility. First, we need to make sure that we're sharing correct astrological information. Second, we need to interpret that information in a way that's truly reflective of the energy pattern -- to the best of our ability. We shouldn't lie about an aspect. We shouldn't sugar coat it if it's a difficult one. By the same token however, if it is a tense pattern, we shouldn't create panic. The finest astrologers are not only well educated in technique, but they'll also display extraordinary competence and sensitivity in the delivery of information. After all, what we say to others, whether a private client or an audience of millions ... it tends to reverberate.

This is dangerous territory because, the less you know about the mechanics behind any science or subject matter, the more you rely on the so called "experts" to inform you. It's all wonderful when the experts are delivering positive information, but what if they instead sensationalize a difficult planetary pattern? That's enough to make anyone anxious. So beat the anxiety and take a look ahead at how you'll be affected in the month ahead with a 30 Day Astrology Forecast.

Nobody is perfect

I see this happen time and time again with astrologers. Admittedly, I've been guilty of doing this myself in the past with private clients I tried to protect from harrowing cycles. But boy have I learned from it! In fact, during my advanced classes, I typically share my "failure stories" in prediction because I believe that we learn more from our failures than our triumphs. In most of my failure stories it wasn't the Astrology that was incorrect. Nope, the Astrology was clear. The problem was with me, the astrologer, and how I chose to deliver the information.

My conveyance -- even though my intent was to help -- led to excessive worry. My most notorious failure story has to do with a client who came to me at my home office a couple years back. She was recently married and she and her husband desperately wanted a baby. They were having fertility problems and consulted with a fertility specialist. Now, she wanted my astrological take on the situation.

The hope of new life

I saw, quite clearly, that she had the natal promise of children. In fact, I told her that the children would be born one after the other -- that once she did get pregnant she would get pregnant again fast -- and without any fertility treatments. But I also saw a series of dreadful, ominous cycles attached to having a baby over the next year. My interpretation of these cycles was that she was better off waiting one full year before trying to get pregnant. This is what I advised her to do and I felt confident that in one year's time she would easily conceive.

My intent was pure ... to get her to carefully consider the cycles she was in and use her free will to avoid any potential heartache. I did feel that my job as her astrologer was to give her the information as I received it.

Keep it in perspective

But here's the thing. I'm not God. And quite often, his agenda is quite different from ours.

This client of mine was, in fact, pregnant during her session with me! Neither one of us knew. Then, for the next nine months of her pregnancy, because of what I said to her, she was panicked -- certain that her baby was growing under some astrological danger zone.

I felt awful. I can't even tell you how awful.

Thankfully, she delivered a happy, healthy baby. Apparently all of my astrological interpretation was wrong.

Or so we thought.

She got pregnant again -- right when I thought would be the timing for the first pregnancy. And it turned out that this pregnancy was the difficult one. In fact, the baby needed lifesaving surgery shortly after birth. In the end, however, one proud mama now has two healthy babies and this astrologer has never been happier about getting her timing wrong.

In this case the Astrology was clear and on track, but the human error of the astrologer -- me -- delivering the Astrology in a way that, instead of helping the client, caused unnecessary panic.

The lesson to learn...

Why do I bring this up? Well quite simply, this experience (and a few others) taught me that just like a doctor takes an oath to "Do no harm" we astrologers need to carefully consider our role in how we affect the lives of our clients, readers, students and the general public.

Take for instance, this upcoming Full Moon on March 27 at 7 degrees Libra. Astrologers, in what might be a genuine attempt to help others, are causing widespread panic about this lunation because of the difficult aspects that accompany it. It's making me nuts!

An extra tense lunation on the horizon

Yes it's true -- the Full Moon will be a tense one since it'll oppose Uranus and Mars and will square Pluto. These are difficult planets for the Moon to encounter ... and this time, all three slam poor Luna! If you have a personal planet or an angle in your chart near 7 degrees of any Cardinal sign, you'll feel the emotional swag of this Full Moon directly ... and it might not be pretty. But come on, life always throws us curveballs. Let's all put on our big girl panties and smile. This is the stuff that life is made of. You've got this. In fact, on September 29, 2012 we experienced a similarly stressful Full Moon, but back then the angry aspects were more exact mathematically. We all survived that one didn't we?

The fact is, your world will not end! Lunations, like any other transit, are part of the natural ebb and flow of our Universe. Yes, they are important but don't ever make the error of taking one astrological event and blowing it out of proportion. If an astrologer does this and you read about it or hear about it during a personal consultation ... please take a deep breath, exhale all the panic from your body

The human element

Astrologers are human. There is and will always be human error and sometimes even human agendas attached to our analysis. The delivery of the information remains paramount because it is here, in that delivery, that astrologers in one swift moment can take a client or reader from perception and push them off a cliff of panic. Astrologers need to remember this and hold our responsibility to the public in a more sacred way. And you, the reader or client, please remember that planets don't make things happen. Not ever. We do. Planets show potential energy manifestation. Planets reflect our potential here on earth.

Astrology is meant to be useful, empowering and insightful but never panic producing. Astrologers ... choose your words carefully. They echo deeply into other people's souls.

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