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The Houses

Breaking down your birth chart

Tarotcom Staff
The Houses of Astrology

In Astrology, the "houses" of your birth chart help to pinpoint a planet and a zodiac sign's specific influence over your life. For example, you may have the planet Venus in the sign of Aries, and your best friend might have her Venus in Aries too -- but they probably fall in different houses in your individual birth charts, thereby impacting entirely different areas of your life with that Venus in Aries energy -- which makes you entirely different people.

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The houses of your birth chart are based on the exact minute of your birth -- so knowing your birth time is very important. The moment you were born determines your astrological Rising sign (the sign that was rising over the horizon just as you were born), as well as the very beginning of your 1st house. The remaining houses, 2 - 12, fall in line behind that 1st house. Your Rising sign will always be associated with your 1st house.

From your relationships to your communication style to your connection with spirituality, each of the 12 houses of Astrology is related to a different area of your life. The first six houses are more personal and immediate, while the last six houses have more to do with outside influences, less tangible concepts, and things that are still to come.

Even if you have no planets in a certain house in your birth chart, it's important to look at the zodiac sign that's in that house for you, because that's the sign whose energy is impacting that part of your life -- having homebody Cancer in over your 4th House of Home and Family would play out very differently than having independent, self-focused Aries in your 4th house.

So here we go! Learn the part of your life that each house impacts, then compare it to your own birth chart for a deeper understanding of the roots of your life and personality!

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Learn about each of Astrology's houses:

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7th House 8th House 9th House 10th House 11th House 12th House
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