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The 2nd House

For what it's worth

Tarotcom Staff
The 2nd House

The 2nd house is all about worth and the resources you hold: your personal approach to money and possessions, your concept of beauty, the things you desire and, yes, the value you place on your own self-worth -- your self-esteem. For example, if a person has Leo associated with the 2nd house in their birth chart, their approach to personal possessions and self-esteem might be one of confidence, bravado, and maybe a little showing off, whereas a person with Virgo in their 2nd house might be more practical and careful with money, yet also hyper-critical of their own behaviors.

In Astrology (though not necessarily in your own birth chart), the traits of the 2nd house are associated with the zodiac sign Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac that's focused on practical matters, yet always makes time to stop and enjoy the beauty and luxuries of life.

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