Libra Lessons

Sun sign Libra is a valuable teacher to us all

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Astrology does such an effective job defining our individual traits that we sometimes ignore the experiences we share together. For example, the Sun entered Libra on September 22, marking the first day of autumn or the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring (Vernal Equinox) below the equator.

Its meaning can be interpreted in terms of collective events, in relationship to each of the 12 Sun signs or within the structure of a specific birth chart. Tracking trends in general, by group or individually, is the most common use of Astrology.

You can get personal predictions for your own month ahead with a 30-Day Astrology Forecast, yet prediction is only one kind of valuable information the subject provides.

People who have consultations with professional astrologers or who purchase a computerized reading of their charts know that these can be rich sources of insight about themselves. The self-awareness we get from such astro-analyses, however, also leaves out a very important part of the story.

That is, in addition to interpretations of individual charts, Astrology provides a powerful set of instructions for tapping into larger patterns.

We can all learn from Libra's characteristics

The Sun, for example, is now in Libra, where everyone, regardless of her or his sign, has access to this sign's traits. The objectivity, sense of fairness, social graces and open-mindedness of Libra are not just for those born during the 30-day solar transit we're now in. This is a period for all of us to learn about and develop the desirable characteristics of this sign so that we can use them whenever they're needed.

If you're stuck with a sense of separateness and feel like others are not cooperating with you, a little Libra lesson can help to overcome that isolation. First take a breath, and then take another one, nice and slow, easy and relaxed. The in-and-out of respiration reminds us of the duality of life, that every yin has some yang, and that there are at least two sides to every story. We are not fixed in a single state of mind when we recognize these ideas and we are not quite so alone in the universe. Libra, symbolized by scales, is about the relative nature of everything.

We can inculcate the desirable social qualities of Libra by the way that we walk. Instead of hurrying or plodding, find a comfortable pace and notice the shift of weight from one side of the body to the other. This model of cooperation in the body makes it easier for us to find appropriate ways to cooperate with others.

It also helps to heal the extremism of rigid beliefs and the notion of absolute right and wrong that condemns and separates from one another. I'm not suggesting that we discard our moral compasses, but that we acknowledge that none of us has all the answers, which reduces arguments and increases the chances for having civilized discussions. Libra is also about beauty, as represented by its ruling planet Venus. Noticing attractive things and people allows us to resonate with grace of this sign and to feel for beautiful ourselves.

Shifting into neutral

Libra teaches that we have the right to change our minds. As we shift and circumstances shift it's only natural that our perceptions are altered. This flexible thinking goes a long way to transforming conflict into cooperation.

Lastly, a wonderful gift of Libra is the notion of neutrality. This position is very useful in a couple of ways. First, it frees us from needing to have an opinion on everything. It's a place to step back, observe and assimilate information and emotions instead of compulsively reacting to every comment and circumstance.

Neutral is also a useful place to be when we want to alter our behavior. Stepping away from the past without committing to the future gives us breathing space. This allows us to distance ourselves from old habits without the pressure of taking on new ones.

Libra is about building bridges between opposing ideas, conflicting emotions and with people and organizations. It is not a sign of commitment, however, because it's a season-starting Cardinal sign that's about taking the first step in a new direction.

The values, challenges and complications we encounter are when the next sign, Scorpio, comes into the picture and choices need to be made, which we will explore next month.

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