The Magic of Pisces

Belonging to a great sea of energy

fish made of water

Pisces is an adaptable Water sign, an ever-changing sea of emotions. It's the last sign of the zodiac, the place where the lines that divide and define us fade away. It's about mixing and meshing to the maximum degree, the time to go swimming in the infinite cosmic sea. Pisces lives beyond the limits of time and space at the edges of identity where the singular self fades back into the collective human spirit from which we all came.

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Part of something bigger

Things come to an end in Pisces, especially our attachments. It's a great time to surrender our emotional grip in places where we need to let go. Surrender is a very powerful force that lies at the core of Pisces. This is not about surrounding to the power of another person or to any external force. It is about surrendering the struggle of having to make it on our own. None of us goes it alone. The 12-step programs are strongly rooted in this principle that we all belong to something greater than our egos.

It is an illusion that we exist as absolute individuals. None of us created ourselves, nor the bodies that we inhabit, nor the society in which we live. The human hardware that supplied me with the fingers to type this is common to all of us. Homo sapiens come with an enormous amount of intelligent equipment. We are self-referential learning machines operating as individuals within the larger, surrounding culture. The concept of community comes with Aquarius, and the feeling of belonging to something larger than ourselves comes with Pisces.

Matter and meaning

Pisces is not a Fish, it is the Fishes. The two Fish of its symbol swim in opposite directions. One is descending into the physical world and the other is ascending to a higher dimension. This contrast between matter and spirit represents the complexity of the zodiac's final sign. It's like the ultimate question: Are we spiritual beings embedded in matter, or are we material beings aspiring to become spiritual?

The magic of this sign is that we are all shape-shifters and have many more choices than we think. Pisces offers confusion, which can be quite useful at times. Confusion about who we are or about a situation is usually discomforting, yet it can be a significant step toward change. It overcomes resistance and the limitations by which we identify ourselves. It is about becoming lost so that something new can be found.

Cultivate the gift of Pisces by allowing yourself to wander and wonder. Let music, art, magic, romance, compassion, imagination, and spirituality dissolve the limited reality that defines the borders of your life. Swim freely in the ocean of experience where you can remember that you are both one and everyone, unique in your perspective but fully connected to the human experience that we all share.

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