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Mercury in Capricorn

Forge ahead with those New Year's resolutions!

Mercury in Capricorn

Cerebral Mercury's move into responsible Capricorn on December 16, 2014, kicks off an excellent time for thinking rationally and communicating more clearly.

This will be a great time to get our thoughts back in order and find the motivation needed to start moving forward on those New Year's resolutions.

Mercury, the planet of communication and mental activity, keeps us more focused on being practical when it's in earthy Capricorn. Organization is important here, so that we can put all the pieces together and look at the big picture. Once we do that, we can turn our goals into reality!

Mercury in Capricorn is acutely aware of everyone's place, which means that conversation may become more about who's in charge than how to get things done. Sensitivity to communication and control is strong during this period. Casual remarks are not associated with this placement -- if you're going to say something, you better have a good reason.

We all see reality for what it is during this time, but we're also prone to pessimism. It's important to keep in mind that not everything is black-and-white, and open yourself to seeing the shades of grey. And remember, a half-empty glass is still half full.

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