Mercury in Leo

Dos and don'ts for living life with Mercury in expressive Leo

Mercury in Leo

Get ready to roar! Communication planet Mercury moves into loving Leo on July 13, 2016, signaling a time to speak from the heart and make yourself heard loud and clear.

Leo is one of the most entertaining and high-impact zodiac signs, so we can expect a lot of jokes and laughter and bold statements, but also a few temper tantrums and some drama during this time.

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Here are our top Dos and Don'ts for making the most of Mercury in Leo:

Do express yourself -- Fire sign Leo is all about drama and direct communication, so don't hold back! Say what you feel, and sing it out loud!

Don't throw a tantrum -- Leo can be bold and aggressive, and so can your words while Mercury is in Leo. Say what you feel, but watch out for being TOO bold or you could embarrass yourself or hurt someone's feelings.

Do think before you speak -- Mercury is speedy and Leo is expressive, so words can come flying out of your mouth faster than you can control them. Make sure they're the right words by taking an extra moment to think first!

Don't lie -- Mercury can get carried away in Leo, when the passion for storytelling and excitement overwhelms boring facts. Speak the truth -- it's stranger than fiction and you can still make it interesting.

Do be authoritative -- Mercury in Leo is a made for lion-hearted leadership, so now's the perfect time to teach someone something or lead a group somewhere.

Don't be bossy -- It's OK to tell people exactly what you think, but make sure you listen to others now, too. We all have opinions, not just you!

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