New Moon in Sagittarius: Darkness to Light

The Archer broadens our horizons

New Moon in Sagittarius: Darkness to Light

On Thursday, December 13 the Sun and Moon have their once-a-year meet-up in the visionary sign of Sagittarius. This New Moon signals a broadening of horizons that help us see beyond the limits of our current situations to visualize a bigger and brighter future. You can see what bright things are in store for you personally with our 30-Day Astrology Forecast. However, this optimistic outlook doesn't match the realities of everyone's life. Many people are suffering in economic, emotional, physical and spiritual ways. It's not difficult to find areas of frustration and fear inside us and in the environment outside our windows.

Change comes every 28-days when the union of the Sun and Moon resets the cosmic clock, adding a new wave of energy to the astrological mix. There are many other shifts happening all the time, too, as planets change signs and move in and out of alignment with one another. However, the cycle of the Sun and Moon, the lunation cycle, is the most visible pattern in the sky. The New Moon in Sagittarius is one signal of hope among many cosmic influences, which is why all the world's problems will not be resolved within the next four weeks. The impact it has on our individual lives, though, depends on how we use it.

Balancing belief with compassion

Sagittarius paints with a broad brush, seeking big answers and absolute truths. We lose sight of details in this philosophical Fire sign when we are blind to nuance and intolerant of criticism. This is why optimistic and farseeing Sagittarius can also cripple us with prejudice and generalities that limit rather than expand vision. It's not easy to keep an open mind under pressure. Personal and collective stresses can shut down reason, dampen dialogue and diminish desire for compromise. Compassion also can be lost when self-righteous beliefs are not to be questioned. Balancing belief with compassion makes us wiser and less judgmental.

This New Moon in expansive Sagittarius is an opportunity to open hearts and minds in spite of our fears. It takes a willingness to feel foolish, to be wrong and to admit our mistakes. It also takes a generosity of spirit that allows acceptance and understanding for those who don't share our beliefs and values. When we're willing to cross the threshold of our judgments there are new worlds beyond them that reveal the outline of a more inclusive future.

The journey from darkness into light

But then sometimes our emotions trump our ideals. Venus, the planet of love and self-worth, is in Scorpio and close to the Moon's North Node this week. Their connection reflects the need to face uncomfortable relationships. I've been forced to see parts of myself lately that I don't like and hid my shame with rationalization and excuses. The cost of denying our less attractive parts is a loss of intimacy and love, and engaging our shadows with kindness is a cure.

There is a point to this contrast between the enthusiastic Sagittarius New Moon and Venus and the North Node in skeptical Scorpio. It is that the optimism and vision of this Sun-Moon conjunction that requires the fuel of our less noble natures to achieve its lofty goals. Engaging the fearful issues we do not want to face now may be what it takes to launch ourselves into a brighter future. Descending into our shadowy places is not a lasting retreat from higher aspirations, but it is a necessary step backward that is needed before moving forward again.

It is a journey from darkness to light.

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