New Moon in Capricorn

What you can't see

New Moon in Capricorn: What You Can't See

Get ready ... this New Moon could be your sure-fire chance to make lasting and healthy changes in your life. Why? Like many of life's mysteries that you can't easily see, this New Moon brings with it powerful magic. Believing in magic is well and good, but what about believing in yourself? Well, that's another story!

It's hard for us to picture ourselves out of a rut or breaking bad patterns. We want to change, but since we can't see it, we often give up before we even reach the finish line. Well tomorrow's New Moon in Capricorn gives us a boost of confidence and the ambition we need to start strong habits for a more positive future. But we can't do it without this...

Personal Moon Report

A Personal New Moon Report points out the key lunar aspects in your chart, helping you gain a better understanding of your true nature, inborn gifts, and the source of your strength and determination. This insight, coupled with tonight's New Moon energy, allows you to create new, realistic habits that can transform your life.

So take a chance and trust the magic of tonight's hidden Moon with your Personal New Moon Report. Tap into the power of this New Moon to reveal a new you, or sample a TrialPay offerand get the reading at no cost.