Planets As Teachers: Neptune

Planet Neptune creates a gateway to dreams and spirituality

neptune with globe

Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasies. It dissolves boundaries and barriers, releasing us from the limits of ordinary reality to inspire imagination and touch the soul. Neptune is a gateway to spirituality as it connects us with all things on all levels. It is divine and compassionate, representing the boundless waters that embrace everyone. For those seeking solace and desiring to let go of wounds, worries and petty details, Neptune is a savior. Yet for individuals in need of precision, discipline and a well-directed purpose, it can be a slippery and cloudy source of confusion.

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It is appropriate to seek an escape at times. Getting a break from the unrelenting pressures of paying bills, dealing with chronic illness or a soul sapping relationship can be essential to mental and physical well-being. The key to benefitting from Neptune's healing powers is being conscious of the difference between denial and simply taking a break. When we're lost in a world of fantasy, like being drugged out on TV, substance abuse or religious fanaticism, Neptune is an unhealthy influence. When we don't take care of our bodies, our minds and our obligations, we are expressing the weakening influence of this planet. Yet when we find faith and forgiveness that enable us to engage in life with greater enthusiasm, the grace of Neptune is an inspiring and enriching force.

Return to the your spiritual source

One way to enjoy the creative and comforting arms of Neptune is recognize that reality is much more than our thoughts, egos and individual identities. Returning to the spiritual source from which we came happens when we take a breath and step back from our personal dramas. Recognizing that we belong to humanity, the cosmos and the indivisible fabric of existence reminds us that we are neither alone nor as separate as we might think or feel. Nature is an excellent source of this experience as it's easy to let go of our issues and connect with the beauty and power of mountains, streams, oceans, deserts and meadows. Walking in places without people provides the silence needed to quiet our heads and hear with our hearts, which is where the truth of our spiritual connections lie.

Neptune represents the invisible web that supports us when we let go of control and trust that we cannot fall out of the universe. It's like falling asleep or floating in salt water. Softening eyes to blur the lines that separate us from others is another way to merge with the magical energies of Neptune. Sharp thinking is critical when we're driving a car or presenting detailed ideas, but this kind of focus inhibits imagination and reinforces the separatist, atomizing view of reality that dominates much of modern life. Notice when the mind hones in with a critical perspective that narrows options and gently release yourself from this tight focus based on so-called facts. Seeing with soft eyes opens emotions and intuition that provides a wider, gentler and more inclusive perspective.

Prayer, meditation and spiritually based physical activities like qigong, tai chi and yoga invite the healing powers of Neptune. And body, mind and spirit can also be united with music and other forms of inspirational art like poetry. The dissolving effects of Neptune, though, are also associated with fatigue and failure. There are times when the will is sapped, energy wanes and we feel disempowered. When we're down and out, or simply down emotionally, a wonderfully neptunian way to regain equilibrium is to serve others. Giving when we think that we are empty refills us with hope. That's because turning away from the isolation of ego and personal travails reconnects us with the infinite energy of the universe that Neptune represents.

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