Planets as Teachers: Venus

Planet Venus can teach you a lot about self-love

venus symbol and globe

Each of the planets is a source of encoded energy we can apply in our lives. Last week we looked at Mercury, the communicator. This week is about Venus, the planet of attraction. She is the goddess of love and beauty, and she is an Astrology symbol of self-worth.

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Venus was traditionally called the "lesser benefic," a positive force, but on a smaller scale than lucky Jupiter, the greater benefic. Still, she puts smiles on faces and represents pleasure and contentment, like planetary dopamine for the brain. Venus rules earthy Taurus and airy Libra as sources of sensual delights and social satisfaction.

Bringing Venus into our lives makes us happy. She is the sweet smell of a rose, the taste of your favorite food, the sound of heart stirring music, a soft touch of fabric and the joy of seeing a beautiful image. Venus delights all the senses, and she is the queen of style. She is also a charmer, graceful in action, a skillful peacemaker and a loving partner. Venus attracts money and appreciation, and she teaches us to see the best in ourselves.

Venus encourages self-love

There are many ways to cultivate the appealing qualities of Venus. The most important is to be kind to ourselves. This is especially important when we aren't at our best. Loving the least desirable parts of our personalities seems counter-intuitive, as if we're encouraging bad behavior. When we're angry, impatient, clumsy or even cruel, it's natural for a responsible person to criticize these kinds of behavior. Yet these shortcomings are connected to our wounds and cannot be healed with harsh judgment.

Healing comes with love that is rooted in tolerance. This doesn't mean we approve or want to continue negative actions, but when we pile on condemnation by putting ourselves down, the habit may be hidden -- but it is not eliminated.

Love is inclusive, so when the "bad" parts of ourselves are embraced with compassion they become integrated with the best of ourselves and eventually are healed. This is Venus as acceptance, the ground zero of self-worth upon which to build a happy life. I'm not suggesting we should approve of our bad behavior, but that simply remembering to see it without harsh judgment is an effective step toward reducing its influence in our lives.

Accept the gift of simple pleasures

Learning to receive is another aspect of Venus. Many of us have desires that aren't fulfilled because we have some resistance to getting what we want. For some, receiving means being beholden to another, as if every gift becomes a debt we must repay. We can feel like we owe others, as if we have taken something away from them or we are giving up independence to get what we need.

One way to counter this is to recognize the many moments when you are receiving without any obligation to reciprocate. When a baby's smile or a beautiful sunset warms you, take it in. Enjoy these pleasures that are freely given with nothing expected in return. Notice when you feel comfortable in a chair and luxuriate in the simplicity of a stress-free moment. These are gifts of Venus that fill the heart without any cost.

If you want to make the world a happier place, make yourself happy. Receiving without guilt doesn't lead to over-indulgence; it leads to fulfillment and a sense of peace that will bring joy, love and harmony to your environment. Appreciating life's blessings is a reminder to appreciate yourself, which in turn makes you more attractive to others. Venus is the sweet resonance of harmony that reminds you you are loved and that your presence is a welcome gift to others.

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