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Everyone is preparing for the strong and intense feelings that tomorrow will bring...

With Venus and Pluto conjuncting each other tomorrow, it’s time to see if your love life can stand up to the challenge.

Everyone is preparing for the strong and intense feelings that tomorrow will bring...

Talk about intense ... tomorrow's planetary conundrum is going to stir up some powerful emotions. Master astrologers are calling out the Venus conjunct Pluto aspect as a time when deep-seated emotions, doubt, and fear will bubble to the surface and seriously question our ability to find and keep love.

It's hard enough to find the one person who will accept and love you with all your unique quirks, and tomorrow we're all going to be wondering "is he/she 'the one'?" But the good news is you can beat the universe at its own game, and here's how...

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Tomorrow is going to be a doozy of a day in all of our love lives. So protect yourself from this planetary power-bomb -- get a clear view of the strengths of your love life with a Romantic Compatibility Astrology report. Or safeguard your feelings at no cost with our TrialPay partner offer.

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