Sun in Capricorn

Reflect and celebrate the return of the light!

Winter arrives in the northern hemisphere when the Sun moves into cool Capricorn on December 21, marking the longest night of the year and a time to celebrate the return of the light.

This is the time of year we look for new hope at a time of darkness, which sets a serious tone. Most of us will be working hard to move forward toward something better now, just as the Capricorn symbol of the Mountain Goat forever climbs upward toward the mountain top.

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Capricorn is strong and determined to succeed, they love a challenge and they always play by the rules. How else would they keep clear benchmarks to measure their many accomplishments? But make no mistake, Capricorn also is deeply loving -- never forget the reason they work so hard is to provide for their family and friends.

Many of us will adopt this serious and hardworking Capricorn attitude now, thinking about past lessons, coming up with new goals and setting out to achieve them -- which is fitting as we approach the New Year.

It's a time of deep reflection, but also of celebration!

See how you can make the most of life during Sun in Capricorn!

What to do: Take care of business. Hardworking Capricorn likes to be in control, which helps them stay on track as they climb the ladder of success. Now is the time to act like a Cap and get organized and plan for the future!

What to say: "Do this, don't do that." Capricorn is known for being bossy, but it's just because they care so much. If you need to take charge and get a little bossy now in order to get things done, go ahead while the Capricorn Sun is shining!

Where to go: The office … on Saturday. Capricorn isn't going to let some silly thing called a "weekend" get in the way of everything they're trying to accomplish. Now's the time to put in some extra hours so you'll be on top of things by the time we ring in the New Year.

What to wear: A suit and tie. Image is very important to Capricorn, so they like to be dressed perfectly for every occasion -- whether that means a power suit to the office or the "right" golfing attire. Make an authority statement through your wardrobe while the Sun is in Capricorn, and wear something that says you're the boss of whatever you're doing.

What to buy: Nothing! Save your money. Capricorn works hard for the money, and they don't let go of it willingly. Capricorn will hold on to things forever and use them until they fall apart, and then they will finally buy something new -- and when they do, it will be the best because it must last a looooooooong time.

What to watch out for: Capricorn's biggest struggle is finding time for fun in the midst of getting things done. Be sure to take a break every once in a while and remember to laugh -- after all, 'tis the season to be merry!

What to look forward to: Winning! Capricorn is the most masterful zodiac sign. They are fierce and determined to be the very best at whatever game they play, so now's the time to harness some of that winning Capricorn energy for yourself!

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