Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

The Grinch who stole Venus

broken ice heart with venus retrograde symbols

If you've ever been in a committed relationship, then you understand a thing or two about the responsibility of love. Romance is great, but once you get past all of the hearts, flowers and passion, if you're not willing to take your partnership seriously, then you have nothing substantial. Venus in Capricorn knows this intuitively; painfully. Same goes for anyone with Venus in aspect to Saturn in their birth chart, or Venus in the 10th House of Responsibility and Status. Love is not an enchanting magic carpet ride for these folks. Nope, love is serious business. Love is hard. It takes effort. Love takes time. In some ways, Venus in Capricorn is like mixing Cupid with the Grinch. I know -- doesn't sound very exciting.

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Venus in Capricorn won't give her heart away easily. In part, I believe it's because she struggles with lovability issues. She has to prove that she's worth loving. She does this by being more willing than anyone else to roll up her sleeves and do what it takes to make a relationship work. The good news is that Venus in Capricorn takes her commitments with exceptional sobriety and duty. Consequently, she is more than qualified to guarantee that her relationships will stand the test of time. Venus in Capricorn will declare: "I am serious about love. I will do whatever it takes to make this relationship succeed."

Up for review

This is Venus in Capricorn on a good day, when she's strong and direct in motion. But on December 21 Venus turns retrograde, until January 31, 2014. In Capricorn. Great. What now?

Once every 18 months or so, for about a 40-day stretch, Venus enters her retrograde phase. During this valuable cycle, all things under the domain of Venus are up for review. We internalize Venusian concepts in the style of whatever sign Venus is transiting. Venus rules love, money and social grace. Venus is the planet of value and self-worth. What do you value? What are you worth? These are always the big questions to reconsider during a Venus retrograde cycle -- if you want to make Venus retrograde work for you.

If you're ruled by Venus (you have either a Taurus or Libra Sun sign or Rising sign) or if your birth chart has Venus ruling your 2nd House of Worth or 7th House of Partnership, then Venus retrograde cycles are likely to feel even more personally compelling for you. This time around, Venus will backpedal in Capricorn, so all of you Capricorn Sun and Rising signs will feel this quite personally too. We'll all feel it somehow. Where Capricorn falls in our chart determines the area of life that's up for review during Venus Retrograde.

Responsibilities in retrograde

You are being asked by the universe to slow your roll and reconsider the responsibilities you have chosen to accept. Perhaps you're not feeling appreciated during this cycle, or you're doing more work than you bargained for in a certain area of your life. Maybe you'll struggling with greater insecurity during this time about your value in a relationship. You might struggle with whether or not you respect your partner. Respect is a biggie for Capricorn. Maybe the fear of rejection will become so palpable that you'll finally be forced to address it. For some, there will be the uncomfortable realization that a relationship is one-sided. You're doing all the work with none of the reward. Will you stay? Will you leave? If you struggle with a fear of success or fear of failure in the area of life ruled by Capricorn in your chart, then this cycle is certain to bring it to the surface of your psyche. It's time to deal with it.

Down to business

Venus in Capricorn has a strong business component, and this cycle might bring up themes of re-evaluating the worth you bring to your company or profession. Are you feeling validated by the boss? Are you where you want to be on the ladder of success? Are you doing your part? There is a magnificent potential for reconnecting with your own inner authority and owning up to whatever it is you need to do to take your career goals to the next level. After Venus turns direct in January, you'll be able to put this into practice with the promise of reward.

In fact, when Venus stations direct around January 31, there will be a juicy window of time that favors forging all committed relationships -- whether business or personal. They will certainly be enduring, and that's partly because you've spent a considerable amount of time going within to determine whether or not this relationship is truly worth your time and commitment.

But for now it might feel a bit like Ebenezer Scrooge dominates in matters of the heart, money and professional goals. There is a stall. There is darkness because someone just blew out all the lights. Well listen up. Don't be afraid to sit in the dark and talk to the ghosts of your Venus' past. They'll set you straight and help you to uncover the miracle of Venus Retrograde.

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