New Moon in Aries

On the cutting edge

The New Moon in Aries: On the Cutting Edge

Each New Moon is an opportunity for a fresh start. The monthly conjunctions of the Sun and Moon join the forces of day and night, action and reaction, conscious will and emotional instinct to conceive new ideas and spur innovation. The next one is in Aries on Thursday, March 22 at 7:37 a.m. PDT/10:37 a.m. EDTA, providing a spark that sets our wheels in motion. Aries is a chariot of fire, a trailblazing vehicle for hope, expression and creativity.

Two cycles are beginning now: the yearly cycle that starts on the Spring Equinox with the Sun's entry into Aries (that happened on March 20), and the New Moon that initiates a monthly cycle. All beginnings have a quality of freshness and innocence as we discover the world anew. Aries is impulsive, in-the-moment, brilliantly short-sighted with full focus on the present. While the Ram is known for its warrior nature, the essential battle is the challenge of discovering oneself. Yet in this time of awakening, the first step we make toward enlightenment can be awkward and uncertain. Mistakes are easily made when we're plunging into unfamiliar territory. But it's the ability to make adventurous mistakes and adjust quickly that turns errors into opportunities.

In with the new

Discovery is worth more than control at this dynamic time. We can fail going forward until we succeed or stand still and simply fail slowly. The key is to try, whether it's a new look, business, relationship, idea, attitude or way of seeing yourself. The New Moon in Aries is a fresh start that rewards innocence more than experience. Yes, we may feel naive and foolish at times when we're beginners but Aries is not about impressing others or living up to their standards. It's personal and independent. It's sometimes a solo flight when you're unburdened by external expectations and free to be your unfettered self.

Freedom fighters

Freedom is a major theme of this lunation with liberating Uranus conjunct the Sun and Moon. This revolutionary outer planet is high on creativity but not so great at cooperation. However, the fight is not with others. The greater struggle is to discover unexpressed parts of ourselves and free them from the darkness of denial, doubt and despair. Breaking your own rules is a toll to pay on the road to true independence.

All abuzz

Mental Mercury is retrograde and conjunct the Sun, Moon and Uranus, pumping up electricity and lighting up nervous systems. Brilliant ideas can be hatched in one moment and crash and burn in the next. The intellectual environment is crackling with excitement and edginess, spurring ingenious insights and sparking arguments. Cooling the mind with deep breaths is recommended when conversations gets out of hand.

We're all feeling a little weird now, which is a good thing if we don't take ourselves too seriously. Thinking we're strange is normal when exploring the inner and outer limits of  being human. In fact, it's a rite of passage to the next level of consciousness.