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New Moon in Libra: Rocking Relationships

Jeff Jawer
New Moon in Libra: Rocking Relationships

New Moons mark the beginning of monthly cycles that set the tone for the following four weeks. On September 27 the Sun and Moon join in gracious Libra, a sign of peace and harmony. Normally, this conjunction sprouts civilized seeds of politeness and people skills that shore up existing relationships and open doors to new ones. While there is still a bit of that diplomacy and matchmaking in the mix, this lunation is about a great deal more than the usual Libran sweetness and light thanks to the powerful presence of electrifying Uranus.

This planet of revolution and radical change is opposite this New Moon and communicative Mercury in Libra, which can blast open minds, shake up daily routines, and rock the world with surprises. We anticipate the sudden fall of leaders and organizations, yet Uranus can also spring desirable surprises with technological and diplomatic breakthroughs. Peace is not likely to come to the Middle East overnight, nor are India and Pakistan about to settle traditional religious disputes, but unexpected moves can start to untangle ancient enmities and open the way to more harmonious relations.

Relationships are a major theme in our personal lives, as well, with this New Moon in the sign of partnerships. Yet, instead of the gentle unfolding of a budding romance or a carefully built professional alliance, change will probably come quickly. For those seeking to rejuvenate an ongoing union, bringing something different to the table right now might do the trick. Altering attitudes, behavior and habits, even minor ones, have ripple effects that can produce dramatic results. Of course, there’s a risk of rocking the boat so much that a union can flounder and even fail, but settling for less will only produce a slower and more subtle end.

Libra is in some ways a mirror, the reflection through which we see ourselves in others. This means that even if old personal or professional alliances seem to be splitting at the seams or new ones appear to sprout up overnight, that this is a story of individual freedom, a story of personal choice. Yes, the liberation that Uranus offers can feel crazy, chaotic and beyond control. But dramatic shifts in partnerships represent everyone’s need to shake up, wake up and bring themselves up to date. Consciously participating in change, even initiating it, is almost guaranteed to produce more desirable results than stubbornly clinging to the past. This New Moon is just one more reminder that moving forward to create and discover the next forms of human expression are the best ways to ensure our survival and prosperity.

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