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Waiting for Angie

Hans Decoz

Not to be outdone, the Russian president made similar concessions. And when the president of China saw how well that went over with ordinary people, he too made big adjustments to his budget, pretty much wiping out the formidable Chinese military budget in just a few short years.

And so it went. Smaller countries followed the lead of big countries. Rich folks and CEOs of big corporations decided they would rather live in a world full of happy, prosperous people (which reduces crime!) and changed the way they did business. Top leaders of all religions shook hands and promised not to get in each other's way ever again, no more bad-mouthing each other's prophets or competing for souls. It would all be done and over with from now on! They'd finally realized that their God(s) probably preferred if they would refrain from murdering people, even those who believed in a different version of God(s).

Politicians basically just turned into benevolent and adorable managers and organizers, realizing quickly that being loved and respected is much more fun than being disliked.

It was a big change across the board but it all happened fairly quickly, in less than one generation.

After that, peace reigned everywhere. Dealing with problems that had kept us down for millennia became a piece of cake. Hunger was wiped from the face of this planet by properly distributing the abundance of resources. Education was now free and better than ever and, as a result, people were happier and generally doing what they enjoyed, as opposed to being forced into an undesirable job due to money worries or lack of opportunities. Overall health improved, medication became available to everyone on the planet, and so forth. Crime went down, prisons turned into youth hostels, police officers behaved more like educators and concerned uncles, and soldiers became emergency management volunteers (if they wanted to sacrifice a few years for the betterment of mankind, which is an opportunity everyone should have when they are young).

Big business and environmentalists worked closely together to save endangered species and preserve the land and the oceans the way it was meant to be. Resources such as minerals and wind energy were plentiful, besides, technology was rapidly replacing the need to hurt our planet just to make some chunk of metal move. Fusion became a reality, every household had an energy-producing fusion reactor the size of a car battery that lasted for a hundred years, didn't damage the environment, was completely safe and fully recyclable. It even let you plug in your car during the night to replenish its pint-sized battery capable of making your car run for a thousand miles. Everybody was very pleased with the way things were going.

And that's how planet Earth became something that had previously been considered a Utopia. But no longer, the "impossible" had happened. The world, ugly as it was before 2023, was quickly forgotten, now that it had turned into a place of pure wonder and joy. The people did, however, place a statue of Angie on the White House lawn, to remind us of what is possible if you apply yourself.

And also, to let us know you have to allow these kinds of crazy dreams to enter your mind, even if it's just for a moment; as happened to me when I woke up this morning. I smartened up though. After all, it's a ludicrous scenario, absolutely impossible. So by all means, stop dreaming and be practical for God's sake!

Although, come to think of it, I'm a little embarrassed not to be standing in front of the White House with my sign right now. I got deadlines though. And a somewhat depleted wallet I need to pay attention to. And blogs to write, you know, stuff like that.

Like you, I'm going to do what I've been doing forever: wait for Angie.

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