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Orbs are gone, but try our new readings!

Years ago, introduced an innovative feature: Orbs! And the Orbs were awesome and let many people "buy" fun free items to dress up their zodiac characters on our site...

In recent years, however, the use and support of Orbs has gradually declined. After conducting a user survey last year, has decided to discontinue Orbs for good. We are reaching out to you because our records indicate you had Orbs or used them in the past.

New features are on the horizon...
While Orbs are now gone, we are happy to announce that we are working on several innovative Tarot readings for mobile and desktop. Check out the BRAND NEW Celtic Cross Tarot reading (still in Beta):

We want your input!
Join the Super-Users Focus Group to give us your personal input as we add new features! This is a select group of members (just like you) who have shown that they care about improving one of the most popular divination sites on the web! To join the Super-Users, email us at

As part of our Super-User team, you will be invited to provide your feedback and opinions around exciting initiatives. You will also be the FIRST to get various sneak-peeks into upcoming site updates, features and products.

Thanks for being apart of our community!

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