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For Monday, Dec 31st, 2012

  • General

    General Horoscope

    We may be eager to celebrate the New Year with fun and frivolity now that the Moon is visiting playful Leo. But expressing our holiday spirit at a party won't tell the whole story today because rational Mercury enters serious Capricorn this morning. Meanwhile, assertive Mars forms an anxious alignment with sensual Venus, encouraging us to ask for what we want. However, we're interested now in meaningful discussions about issues of substance.

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  • Aries Horoscope Mar 21 – Apr 19

    Although you want everyone to see that you are doing the right thing these days, demonstrating your good intentions can be quite challenging at times. Part of the problem is that you would rather be enjoying yourself than fulfilling previous obligations. Accepting your current place in the world isn't easy if it involves hard work; nevertheless, it's what you must do now. Playtime might just have to wait until after you prove yourself worthy.

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  • Taurus Horoscope Apr 20 – May 20

    You know what it takes to be practical today, but you don't really feel like doing it. Ultimately, your most workable strategy now starts with being aware of the divergent forces that are pulling you in different directions. Your natural desire to simplify your life could win out over an unnecessary emotional display, even if you want everyone to know what's on your mind. Remember, acting with maturity and patience will bring you more happiness than expecting others to cater to your needs.

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  • Gemini Horoscope May 21 – Jun 20

    It seems like you are dramatically running from one task to the next, but you may not be as busy as you appear. Your hectic pace is part of a strategy that lets others know they shouldn't ask more from you now. Unfortunately, they might not understand and make additional demands on your time, anyhow. Try a direct approach and just say you cannot take on anything else. Your true friends will appreciate your honesty and respect your limits.

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  • Cancer Horoscope Jun 21 – Jul 22

    Even if you are usually fiscally cautious, it's all too easy to forget budgetary restraints during the holiday season. Nevertheless, you might want to demonstrate that you are responsible with your money today, especially if someone has recently criticized your spending habits. Keep in mind that you don't have to spend a lot of money to feel good about yourself. Bringing in the New Year with friends or family could be all you need to lift your spirits.

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  • Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 22

    You may be quite moody now that the sensitive Moon is in your sign. You could even swing from being very upbeat to down and out in just a few minutes today. But don't take decisive action based upon your emotions, for they will continue to shift throughout the day. Enjoy the buoyant feelings while they last, but give them time to come to rest before making any choices that have permanent consequences.

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  • Virgo Horoscope Aug 23 – Sep 22

    You might choose to downplay your confidence now because you believe it's out of place in the current situation. Although compensating for your hidden optimism by acting with cool restraint is one tactic, consider the positive impact you might have on others by offering them a ray of hope, instead. There's no need to go over the top, but, at least, take a risk by spreading light instead of fear.

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  • Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 22

    Your kindness might win over a previous enemy, yet you could make matters worse if you are insincere. Friendly Venus, your ruling planet, is currently caught in a web of words and the more you say, the farther away from the truth you get. Although a magnanimous gesture may have a positive effect if you are well intended, don't attempt to explain your behavior. Verbalizing your feelings now only detracts from the clarity of your actions.

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  • Scorpio Horoscope Oct 23 – Nov 21

    Coming to the aid of those who look up to you sounds like a good idea, but your actions may not be fully appreciated now. Instead of expecting to be admired in the spotlight, try helping someone today without even being noticed. It's not about recognition, even if it's well deserved; it's about touching the hearts of those who need it most.

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  • Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 22 – Dec 21

    It's party time for you today, but at least you have the good sense to realize that the fun times won't last forever. You're eager to create a memorable event, whether on your own or in collaboration with others. But don't be disappointed if everything doesn't play out according to your best-case fantasy since there could be some unexpected last minute changes. There's no need to exert too much control because the new scenario could be even better than your imagined one.

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  • Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 19

    You have probably experienced your share of intense drama this holiday season with the willful Sun's connection to shadowy Pluto. Thankfully, the energy begins to lighten up today, indicating that the tide is changing in your favor. But instead of looking back and analyzing what has happened, shift your attention toward the future. Utilize your current creativity to visualize the year ahead. Paint in broad strokes and fill in the rest of the details later.

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  • Aquarius Horoscope Jan 20 – Feb 18

    The fiery Leo Moon is traveling through your 7th House of Others, tugging on your relationship axis today. You may be lured into discussions about what you want, but your desires might not fit into someone else's expectations. Luckily, you know how to detach yourself from an overly emotional conversation. Don't waste energy trying to justify your actions; convoluted rationalizations will only further complicate your life. Let your actions speak for your heart.

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  • Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

    Trust your instincts when it comes to doing what makes the most sense today, even if it's counter to your logical analysis. You're receiving instructions directly from your subconscious now and it isn't necessary to understand the reasons for your current decisions. Your intuition is your greatest ally; just follow your hunches and don't forget to enjoy the journey along the way.

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