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For Saturday, Jan 19th, 2013

  • General

    General Horoscope

    We begin to look for long-term solutions to current problems instead of worrying about what's right around the next corner. Messenger Mercury and the Sun leave pragmatic Capricorn today and enter conceptual Aquarius. During the next few weeks, we turn our intentions away from our individual interests and toward the needs of our communities, both local and global. Meanwhile, the earthy Taurus Moon reminds us to still strive for practical results.

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  • Aries Horoscope Mar 21 – Apr 19

    The lights seem to glow brighter today, and something you couldn't see previously is growing more visible. You're moving into a more active social cycle and yet, at the same time, you are being cautious about what you actually put on your calendar. Don't lose track of your commitments, but do something for yourself that makes you feel free as a bird. Ultimately, you will be more productive now if your choices are your own.

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  • Taurus Horoscope Apr 20 – May 20

    Although you may be looking farther into your future now, this visionary tendency doesn't mean you are less sensible than before. In fact, your back-to-basics approach is a significant part of your current healing process. Thankfully, you can have it both ways. In other words, look forward to the possibilities while fixing whatever is within your reach in the present moment.

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  • Gemini Horoscope May 21 – Jun 20

    You are open to receiving the messages that the universe sends you today. However, you might not know how to use your heightened sense of anticipation. You may vacillate back and forth, feeling open and chatty at first. One minute everyone is your friend, but then you want to withdraw when you realize that you should be more cautious about what you say. Instead of wondering what to do next, stay quiet long enough to hear the wisdom of your inner voice.

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  • Cancer Horoscope Jun 21 – Jul 22

    This is a weird time of year because you're inclined to dig yourself into your cave, hibernating the winter away. However, a glint of awareness sparks your soul now and sets your thoughts on the upcoming spring -- even if it's still far away. Hold on to your images of warmer emotional weather ahead. But in the meantime, give yourself permission to hide safely behind your protective walls as you work out the details of your next adventure.

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  • Leo Horoscope Jul 23 – Aug 22

    You may be a little overwhelmed now as friends and associates confront you with facts that you need to integrate into your plans over the next several weeks. Communication in relationships is emphasized as talkative Mercury and the willful Sun join expressive Mars in your 7th House of Companions. Although you feel confident in your ability to say what you mean, it's still difficult to put your emotions into words today. Deliberate first and then speak later.

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  • Virgo Horoscope Aug 23 – Sep 22

    You are entering a new phase when your behavior may be quirkier than normal -- not that anyone else necessarily knows the details about your private life. Your fantasies are growing stronger and you're eager to show everyone what you are capable of doing. But instead of taking time to offer long explanations and rationalizations, just demonstrate your competence through direct action. Don't worry about what others think today; take a risk and do something that's wonderfully weird.

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  • Libra Horoscope Sep 23 – Oct 22

    This can be a very positive time of year for you with both the Sun and Mercury traveling through idealistic Aquarius, a fellow Air sign. Ironically, the rational emphasis supports your natural creativity now, helping you to express yourself more spontaneously. Your current ingenuity enables you to solve problems that seemed insurmountable in the past. Don't hold back; a more playful attitude toward work could bring success if you trust in the process.

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  • Scorpio Horoscope Oct 23 – Nov 21

    You may start the day feeling a bit on edge because it seems as if there aren't any easy solutions for your current scheduling dilemma. But things start to fall into place and by afternoon some of the earlier stress begins to settle down. However, this can still be a tense time when your feelings don't always match what you are showing others. Pay attention to the differences between your inner and outer worlds so you can navigate your way back to a place of emotional balance.

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  • Sagittarius Horoscope Nov 22 – Dec 21

    Your phone is ringing and your inbox is full as all forms of interaction and communication intensify. You may travel more -- even if only locally -- because of your work or your role in the community. No matter how complicated your life becomes in the weeks ahead, don't lose sight of your own personal goals. Think as big as you want, but take small steps instead of changing everything all at once.

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  • Capricorn Horoscope Dec 22 – Jan 19

    You might feel as if the spotlight isn't following your every move any longer -- and this newly found anonymity is just fine with you. You can get back to your real work now, instead of being required to perform for an audience. Rediscover your natural pace during the weeks ahead while taking care of business on a very mundane level. Set priorities, stick with what's most important and you can accomplish a lot.

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  • Aquarius Horoscope Jan 20 – Feb 18

    The radiant Sun and trickster Mercury enter your friendly sign today, encouraging you to connect with others and express what's on your mind. You've been waiting for the right time to take action and, finally, there's no need to practice self-restraint any longer. If you're prepared to work hard for your dreams you will be pleasantly surprised by what happens in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Pisces Horoscope Feb 19 – Mar 20

    Unfortunately, you may find yourself tangled up in the nets of your own imagination now. But even if you thrive on the excitement of temporary chaos, amazing opportunities to smooth out the waves are on the way. Tie up as many loose ends of your life as possible while you still have time. If you take care of all the little things today, you'll be ready for the big changes ahead.

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