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Yearly Love Forecast

By Maria DeSimone

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2013 Love Horoscopes

Getting serious

Although we might try to keep love light and easy this year with expansive Jupiter in flighty Gemini, stern Saturn anchors our feelings by spending the entire year in fixed Scorpio. We grow more hopeful that the future will bring sweet pleasures of romance when beautiful Venus aspects joyful Jupiter on February 7, March 4, May 28, August 27, September 26 and November 28. But Saturn can be an unforgiving taskmaster, and its presence in passionate Scorpio requires us to dig deeper than ever before to make intimate connections that pass the tests of time.

Our need for emotional security is highlighted by Jupiter's shift into nurturing Cancer on June 25, where it remains for the rest of the year. We become less intrigued by the potential of new relationships and more interested in holding on to what we already have. Optimistic Jupiter forms a rare Water Grand Trine with realistic Saturn and imaginative Neptune on July 17-19, giving us an opportunity to make our dreams come true.

Relationships are stabilized when Jupiter reconnects harmoniously with Saturn on December 12, but only if we have continued to do the hard work throughout the year. Attempts to take shortcuts to intimacy are not favored, yet Venus' retrograde turn on December 21 indicates that we'll have another chance to get it right if love remains elusive. The holidays present their regular challenges to love, yet the potential rewards are greater than usual if we can remain flexible enough to respond to respond to the pressures for change.

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