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Yearly Career Forecast

By Maria DeSimone

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Capricorn 2013 Career Horoscope

Choose partners carefully

Your usually orderly work life might be a little messy until mid-June. Expansive Jupiter in diverse Gemini is in your 6th House of Employment, where it can make it hard to keep your eye on the big picture. Instead of concentrating on a major project or a long-term career goal, you may be distracted by a wide variety of small tasks. Yet developing new skills and becoming a better on-the-job communicator are among the benefits of this transit.

In mid-June, Jupiter emerges from the bottom half of your chart to enter your public and partnering 7th House. This is excellent for reaching out to sell yourself, your ideas or your services. Connecting with people should come more easily, especially when you apply a personal touch to put others at ease. Avoid working with individuals who think small and worry about so many details that they fail to grasp your larger vision.

Your ruling planet Saturn is in your 11th House of Groups all year, putting an emphasis on teamwork. Frustration with co-workers is possible, but patience can reduce it. Loyalty is another key issue, because knowing when to hang in there as a colleague and a friend or when to cut your losses and move on can make a great difference in your career.

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