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Monthly Forecast

By Maria DeSimone

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August 2015 Horoscope

Look within

Venus in Leo continues to travel retrograde all month long, prompting you to focus within and figure out whether or not your love life, finances or creative drive needs some rewiring. Expect revelations followed up with solutions from August 4 - 6, as well as August 15 and 19, when Venus backs into Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and Uranus respectively.

A New Moon in Leo on August 14 will also open up an opportunity for a fresh start in a situation connected to romance, creativity, a child or even some good old fashioned fun. As August progresses, you'll surely feel the itch for pleasure. After the 8th when Mars enters Leo, that itch will become overwhelming and your first priority will be to do whatever you must to scratch it! Despite Venus Retrograde, Mars will motivate you to DO what brings you joy. This trend continues until September 24.

The headline news this month however, belongs to Jupiter. On August 11 he'll leave Leo and move onto Virgo where he'll remain until September 2016. During this time you'll have an opportunity to put a magnifying glass around matters connected to health, work and your daily routine. You'll experience a greater amount of support and blessings in these areas. Be sure to circle August 26, when the Sun leans into a conjunction with Jupiter -- this will be a lucky day for all!

On August 27, Mercury will enter Libra allowing communication in all matters connected to partnership and collaboration to go extra smoothly. Then on August 29, a Full Moon in Pisces will be best spent taking a long weekend near the beach, lake or other vacation spot where you can just dream and relax.

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