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The Goat's Love
Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Goat's Love Horsocope for 2012

When it comes to love, the Goat tends to be a taker, not a giver. It's important to reverse this dynamic during a generous Water Dragon year. By learning to attend to its partner's needs, the Goat will enjoy one of the romantic years in recent memory. Quarrels and quibbles will persist during the Year of the Water Dragon, when tempers will run high. Still, these arguments will fizzle out as quickly as they flare up. Try not to take them too seriously.

For single Goat, 2012 will present many opportunities to find love. A number of engagement parties and weddings will put this sign on the path toward romance. During the first half of the Water Dragon year, it will be fun playing the field. Once autumn arrives, though, the Goat should commit to one special love interest. A sociable Pig or affectionate Rabbit would be an ideal partner for this sentimental sign.

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