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The Goat's Money Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Goat's Money Horsocope for 2012

The Goat's income will be steady and impressive throughout 2012. However, this sign needs to guard against overspending, particularly as the Year of the Dragon draws to a close. Dragons are confident creatures, and can release inhibitions. This will be dangerous for the luxury-loving Goat, who will be tempted to spend their hard-earned money on designer clothes, art, jewelry, and other expensive indulgences.

When it comes to the Goat's career, teamwork is the name of the game. Unemployed Goat should enlist the aid of a headhunter or career counselor. Such an expert will help the free-spirited Goat find the right position for their talents. Creative fields like fashion, advertising and landscape design are highly favored, especially during a whimsical Water Dragon year. A job that draws on the Goat's nurturing impulses -- like childcare, veterinary work or gardening -- could also prove rewarding.

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