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The Horse's Money Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Horse's Money Horsocope for 2012

Steady income from a good job will make 2012 a relatively easy one for the Horse. A promotion, raise or high-paying position could be awarded during the early stages of the year, from late January all the way through late March. Members of this sign that seek to increase their fortunes would be wise to start a side business. Water Dragon years strongly favor new ventures for the Horse, especially ones related to travel, education and publishing.

Unemployed Horses should develop their communication skills as a means to get work. Learning a foreign language or computer program will greatly increase this sign's chances for a stable job. Alternately, the Horse may decide to get a certificate to teach English as a foreign language, thereby attracting opportunities to earn money both abroad and at home. The Year of the Water Dragon favors those who expand their horizons.

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