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The Monkey's Love Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Monkey's Love Horsocope for 2012

The energetic Dragon year is an ideal showcase for the Monkey's wit and charm. This sign will attract romantic attention wherever it goes. Single Monkeys will have fun playing the field through winter and spring, but once the summer arrives, it will be time to make a serious commitment. The course of love moves quickly during Water Dragon years, and many Monkeys will get engaged by autumn. Falling in love with a multitalented Rat or charismatic Dragon could be in the cards in 2012.

Monkeys that are in serious relationships need to sit down with their partners and formulate a long-range relationship strategy. Formulating new goals and working toward shared dreams will keep the Monkey's love life vibrant and rewarding. The Year of the Water Dragon will boost this sign's fertility, too, so a new baby could be on the horizon for Monkeys.

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