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The Monkey's Money Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Monkey's Money Horsocope for 2012

The Monkey will have a welcome opportunity to get a raise or promotion before spring arrives. If this sign doesn't have an opportunity to advance with their current employer, it should apply to other companies, agencies and firms. The Year of the Water Dragon favors risks, which fuels the Monkey's ambitious nature. Opportunities related to teaching, writing and research may arise. Many Monkeys will get an opportunity to work abroad, which will prove both stimulating and stressful. This sign prefers change to stagnation, which will make 2012 one of the most satisfying years in recent memory.

Unemployed Monkeys would be wise to learn a trade, obtain a license or get an advanced degree. Government grants and scholarships can cover this sign's expenses while it improves career prospects. Alternately, the independent Monkey may choose to launch its own business with the help of a level-headed investment partner.

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