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The Pig's Love
Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Pig's Love Horsocope for 2012

Single Pigs won't remain so during a romantic Dragon year. This sign will attract admirers like a flower draws bees throughout 2012. An artistic Rabbit or elegant Sheep will prove a good match for the tasteful Pig. An engagement or marriage could occur quite suddenly, as Water Dragon years make people quite impulsive. Autumn will be the best time of the entire year for a single Pig to meet their soul mate.

A Pig that is in a committed relationship needs to be extra attentive to their partner. Dragon years are disruptive, and can prompt the placid Pig to be jolted into reality. An unhappy marriage could fall by the wayside. Pigs that want to keep their relationships alive should devote a lot more time to their mates. Work, family, and friends should take a backseat to romance in 2012. Dragon years demand total devotion in romance.

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