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The Pig's Money
Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Pig's Money Horsocope for 2012

The Pig will attract all sorts of financial opportunities throughout the Year of the Water Dragon. Any extra income should be spent on activities that will stimulate the Pig's intellect. Foreign language classes, music lessons, and overseas trips could be in the cards for the prosperous Pig. This sign will also be called upon to share their wealth with less fortunate friends and relatives. Fortunately, Dragon years confer discernment on the naïve Pig. 2012 will mark a significant turning point for Pigs who learn to tell the difference between genuine hardship and emotional blackmail.

The Water Dragon will confer career luck upon the Pig. Members of this sign who are seeking work could find positions in the communications field. Advertising, public relations and journalism are all good industries for the unemployed Pig to explore. Pigs that have jobs would be wise to stay put in their current position, as an award, promotion or raise could be imminent.

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