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The Rabbit's Love Horoscope for 2012

Stephanie Dempsey
The Rabbit's Love Horsocope for 2012

Water Dragon years are great for single Rabbits. This will be a time to mate and relate, but not procreate. Keeping relationships casual throughout 2012 is best for this sign. Rushing things (which can be tempting during an impulsive Dragon year) could lead to heartache. Rabbits should use this year to develop their communication skills. Becoming a better partner is possible during a Water Dragon year, which rewards compassion and empathy.

A Rabbit that is in a serious relationship should be extra accommodating with their partner. This sign, which can be self-indulgent, needs to be more aware of their loved one's needs. 2012 presents an opportunity to forge a stronger bond by becoming a better listener, being a thoughtful gift-giver and acting more conscientious. In return, the Water Dragon year will become one of the most sexually fulfilling times in recent memory. Not a bad exchange!

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