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Monthly Career Forecast

By Maria DeSimone

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Libra November 2012 Career Horoscope

Mixed Messages

Money matters quite a bit this month, as the Scorpio Sun occupies your 2nd House of Income until November 21. Your usually accommodating ruling planet Venus runs into stressful aspects with intense Pluto on November 1 and rebellious Uranus on November 3, provoking surprises and strong reactions on your part. Getting along with others may be challenging, and your desire for more recognition and more interesting tasks may grow.

It's wise to think very carefully before taking action, though. Getting a long-term plan in place is better than speaking impulsively. In fact, misunderstandings could be a key issue this month. Verbal Mercury turns retrograde in your 3rd House on November 6, and it won't shift back into forward gear until November 26. Messages tend to get lost or misconstrued, information is often inaccurate, travel is tricky and technology fails more frequently during this period. It's wise to be cautious with words and details, although reconnecting with people from the past can be beneficial.

Active Mars enters ambitious Capricorn and your 4th House of Foundations on November 16, which can drive you to be more disciplined in both your personal and professional lives. But the most important task you'll be doing is not necessarily going to be visible, so concentrate on your own ideas for the future rather than trying to gain the support and approval of others. Venus joins serious Saturn on November 26, perhaps presenting you with obstacles, but helping you by making it clear where you have work to do.


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