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Monthly Career Forecast

By Maria DeSimone

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Virgo Career Horoscope: October 2013

Solve one problem at a time

Mastering messages and details can make the difference between professional success and frustration this month. Your ruling planet, Mercury, tells the tale as it begins October in your 3rd House of Communication.

This happens in the intense sign of Scorpio, where it is likely to charge up conversations with strong emotions. When you combine facts with a passionate presentation you can be extremely convincing. If you're into learning something new, this is a great transit for digging in deeply to understand the material.

But Mercury is slowing down in October because it's heading toward its turning point on October 21. It begins a three-week retrograde (backward) period then, when minor errors and misunderstandings can unravel alliances and delay projects. But this is also a time when you can repair relationships, complete unfinished business and reconnect with people from your past.

Patience is the key, though, as it's very easy for frustration to turn a civil conversation into an emotionally charged battlefield. Mercury's conjunction with responsible Saturn on October 8 could be a preview of some of the obstacles to come. Yet if you concentrate your attention and choose your words carefully, your level of comprehension and influence will rise.

If you run into a wall of rejection or delays, Mercury's second conjunction with Saturn on October 29 offers another chance to get projects and discussions back on track. Seeing what's wrong is all too easy this month, so the question is what do you do with negative information? One answer is to skip blame and go directly to taking corrective action to solve one single problem at a time.

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