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Monthly Career Forecast

By Maria DeSimone

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Libra September 2012 Career Horoscope

Make a Radical Move

Working quietly behind the scenes could be especially productive this month. The Virgo Sun is in the confidential 12th House of your chart until September 22, which isn't great for getting public attention, but is excellent for resolving matters in private. Cleaning up unfinished professional business and repairing work relationships may not make an immediate impact, but it can lay a solid foundation for future growth.

Your ruling planet Venus enters bold Leo and your 11th House of Groups on September 6. While this is useful for turning on the charm among colleagues, don't allow that to distract you from the nuts and bolts tasks that need to be done. You may connect with powerful friends, organizations or co-workers who appreciate your gracious personality. These are definitely favorable for increasing your prestige but, once again, it's the effort you put in when no one's looking that will determine how much you can from these relationships.

The Sun moves into your sign to start your new astrological year on September 22. This is excellent for reassessing your situation and making the adjustments needed to get the most out of your current position or to move in another vocational direction. Your professional road may get bumpy around September 29, though, when the Libra Sun slams into hard aspects with disruptive Uranus and Pluto. You may be shocked by surprises or find yourself in an uncharacteristically uncooperative mood. You might even be tempted to act impulsively, which could be a good thing if you're finally making a radical move that you've been considering for a long time.

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