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The world's oldest oracle provides lessons for your life today

Authentic Online I Ching Coin Toss

What makes our I Ching readings so energizing? We offer the only authentic online I Ching method for tossing the coins. Instead of having the computer generate the coin toss, we make sure that YOU toss the coins yourself -- with a little help from Shockwave and Javascript to measure the exact timing of your mouse clicks. This creates a connection between the reader and the coins that in turn creates synchronicity. Read More »

I Ching Methods: Yarrow Stalks vs. Coin Toss

The two best-known methods for consulting the I Ching are the Yarrow Stalk method and the Coin Toss method. Both methods are authentic ways to generate the 64 I Ching hexagrams that provide insight based on archetypal situations, dilemmas and relationships. Read More »

When Did I Ching Begin?

I Ching is the world's oldest book. It's one of the classic ancient Chinese texts, and it's also the oldest of all the classical divination tools. Its first interpretive text was composed around 1000 B.C., though its oral tradition dates back much further, and there are many legends surrounding the origins of the ancient Chinese oracle. Read More »

What Is an I Ching Hexagram?

When we begin studying the ancient Chinese art of I Ching, the first thing we learn is that the book of I Ching -- the world's oldest book and the earliest known divination system -- contains 64 hexagrams. Read More »

Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien -- or "Paulo" as he is affectionately known -- is our resident I Ching author. In fact, he invented the entire category of divination software back in 1989 by producing the first I Ching program Read More »

Go with the Flow

Want to increase the amount of good things happening in your life? Put some serious effort into the energy around you! Negativity starts to leak in when something's not in synch, blocking the flow of good feelings and good experiences -- and opening up cracks for negativity to seep in. Of course you want good things to happen to you, but how can you expect to actually get a good thing going when you keep all your desires secret from the world? You have to put out that energy if you want to get it back! Read More »

I Ching on Economic Troubles

One of my resolutions is to cast the I Ching oracle once a week, to ask the universe for insight on a wide question or concern and share the results. I am using the free I Ching reading feature on tarot.com — http://www.tarot.com/oracle. I decided to ask the Oracle about our dismal economy Read More »

Winning at Aging

Getting older is unavoidable, but is it possible to avoid the symptoms of aging? Can our choices about what we think and feel — and how we live — propel us into a long and healthy life? It seems there’s more to the question of aging gracefully than just Read More »

What Is The I Ching

What is the I Ching?The I Ching is the oldest and wisest oracular system in the world. Some 3000 - 4000 years old, it is also the oldest known book: The Book of Changes. Used for centuries by sages and emperors of China, the I Ching is a profound system Read More »

Addicted to Valentines

Valentine's Day is upon us ... and if I still bought into the premise of it, it could make me feel depressed. The annual celebration of romantic love just brings up longing. This feeling of lack may make good fodder for poetry and love songs -- restimulating a seemingly bottomless craving for romantic fantasy -- but it also brings home the suffering caused by the longing for a perfect love. Read More »

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