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The Age of Aquarius

The Sun's entry into Aquarius on January 19, began a 30-day period when the cool objectivity and innovative attributes of this sign become more visible. It's an opportunity to step back from our individual identities to notice that we belong to many different networks of people. Read More »

The Sun in Scorpio: Fall Cleaning

The Sun entered Scorpio on October 22, initiating a descent into the depths of our emotions and the mystery of our soul's purpose. While some do this with fear, this sign is not designed to cause pain, but to eliminate outmoded habits, reconnect with the seeds of life, and become more fully alive. Read More »

The Troubled Talent of Whitney Houston

Talent is a gift that sometimes comes with a price. The fame and fortune that may follow can be emotionally isolating and painful. The adoration of millions of fans is disorienting, as the more that others know these artists the less they seem to know themselves. The list of early deaths among celebrated musicians is long and sad, from Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison in the past to Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston. Read More »

Venus and Mars: The Relationship Dance

Being human is a group experience, which is why relationships are such an important subject. It takes two parents to make us and a community to supply the food, water and shelter that we need to survive. There's no such thing as a self-made man or woman Read More »

The Gifts of Taurus

Every zodiac sign has its place and its purpose as it builds on the previous one and leads to the next.Taurus, for example, follows fiery Aries, the pioneering first sign of the zodiac that represents the spark of life. Read More »

Venus in Taurus: Money Matters

Love planet Venus entered her earthy home sign of Taurus on April 29, 2016, and here she will remind us how beautiful this world can be. Read More »

The Magic of Pisces

Pisces is an adaptable Water sign, an ever-changing sea of emotions. It's the last sign of the zodiac, the place where the lines that divide and define us fade away. Read More »

Valentine's Day: Another Kind of Love

Valentine's Day celebrates romantic love, and seems to have nothing to do with the saint for which it was named. Read More »

The Art of Aquarius

For more than 20 years I had a difficult time truly understanding the sign Aquarius.I've long known the Aquarius buzzwords and concepts, but I could never quite grasp them in a deeper way. It's maybe because I'm a Taurus and I don't have any planets beyond Scorpio, leaving the last third of the zodiac unoccupied in my chart. But I also think my challenge in really getting Aquarius has to do with its abstract nature and some of its unique characteristics. Read More »

It's "War and Peace" with Mars in Libra

Every planet has its comfort zones -- signs in which its traits are most welcome, and others where they are ill fitted. For example, Mars, the planet of initiative and assertion, is at home in Aries and Scorpio Read More »

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